Kid’s Torah Corner

The Kid’s Torah Corner is one of our favorite times during Shabbat services.  We have decided to keep the children with us during the entire service, but this time is especially for them.

Each week we teach them a lesson from the weekly Torah Portion (Parsha), give them an activity packet, memory verse, and rewards for doing them and bringing them back the next week.

If you’d like to see the videos of the teachings, check them out on our YouTube channel.

The packets we put together are below, and free for you to download and use.  (We are still working on the full set, and will put them up each week as they are created.)

Genesis (Beresheit)

Beresheit          Noach          Lech Lecha          Vayeira          Chayei Sarah

Toldot          Vayetzei          Vayishlach          Vayeshev          Mikeitz          Vayigash          Vayechi

Exodus (Shemot)

Shemot          Vaera          Bo          Beshalach          Yitro          Mishpatim

Terumah          Tetzaveh          Ki Tisa          Vayakel          Pekudei

Leviticus (Vayikra)

Vayikra          Tzav          Shmini          Tazria          Metzora

Acarei Mot          Kedoshim          Emor          Behar          Bechukotai

Numbers (Bemidbar)

Bemidbar          Naso          Behalotecha          Shelach          Korach 

Chukat          Balak          Pinchas       Matot          Masei

Deuteronomy (Devarim)

Devarim          Ve’etchanan          Eikev          Re’eh          Shoftim          Ki Teitzei

Ki Tavo          Nitzavim          Vayelech          Ha’azinu          V’zot HaBracha

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