Parsha Thought – Miketz

1984 illustration by Jim Padgett


This Shabbat we’ll be discussing Parshah Mikeitz (מִקֵּץ) which is found in Genesis (B’reshiet) 41:1-44:17.

During this Torah portion Pharaoh has two dreams that frighten him. He’s unable to understand the meaning of them and sends for all of his wisest men. After being unable to discern their master’s dream, Pharaoh’s cup bearer remembers Joseph who is in prison. Joseph comes before the King of Mitzrayim and interprets the dreams accurately. Seeing that Joseph has much wisdom, he is placed in charge of all of Egypt’s affairs.

A drought then brings him face to face with his brothers once more. These are the same brothers who envied his relationship with their father and sold him into slavery for a few pieces of silver.

Wouldn’t this be an opportune time to “get even” with those who wronged him? It was easy to follow Torah in a house where it was taught daily, but now in Egypt could Joseph hold fast to those teachings when faced with such a situation? Could power and influence sway him from acting with mercy?

Replace “him” with yourself. Are our convictions and our halakha (walk) enough to ensure that we do what is right in a similar situation?

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